Alex Yoder
#NameThatVideoGameTheme #1

A couple weeks ago I posted a little snippet of music to my Twitter and Tumblr:


I asked people to guess what video game this was from, knowing it might take a while.  Lo and behold, a champion was found:


New trailer for Crawl!

I’ve been working on some music for the upcoming multiplayer game Crawl, from the guys at Powerhoof.  They just released a new trailer with all kinds of glitchy-retro-gothic goodness (is that even a thing?  I hope it’s a thing…).  It has been really fun mixing old-school arcade sounds with orchestral instruments and glitch effects.  You can hear some of it in their new trailer, and vote for them on Steam Greenlight if you’re so inclined.  Info in the video description.

UPDATE: Wow – I’ve just seen that has said of this trailer, “2014′s Best Trailer Is Already Here”!

New 2014 Marching Band Shows

It’s that time of year again!  I’ve just updated my marching band mini-site – head over and check out the new shows for 2014 at!

marching band site


Pulsar: Lost Colony
I'm working on some soundtrack music for the upcoming video game, Pulsar: Lost Colony, from Leafy Games.
I'm writing music for "Crawl", an indie video game from the Melbourne based developers at Powerhoof.
2014 Marching Shows
I work with multiple competitive marching bands each season, arranging or composing show music. The 2014 "design season" has already begun, but I do have open slots for more bands. Contact me for inquiries.
Working on a not-so-secret game. Currently in the early stages, working on procedural world generation. My dev blog is at