Alex Yoder
Descent: Underground Trailer Re-Score

Here’s a re-scoring I did of the trailer for the upcoming reboot of the old Descent games from the 90′s.  I thought the trailer was really awesome, but the music felt kind of “fantasy quest”, rather than “epic underground robot battles” to me, so I decided to try re-scoring it.  Some of the music near the beginning and end is inspired by the music from the Lunar Outpost level from the original Descent.  Hope you enjoy it!

Crawl’s Early Access Launch Trailer is here!

Check out the latest trailer for Crawl, with awesome narration by the fabled “Old Shrimp Eyes“, and a little music score I wrote.  Below is the trailer video, along with my favorite snippet from the music!

New mini-trailer for Crawl!

Here’s the first in a new series of trailers for Crawl, containing some more of my music (still can’t believe I’m getting to work with these guys!).