Alex Yoder

Here are some selections of my music. You can find more on my SoundCloud and YouTube

Video Game Soundtracks
Crawl OST Available on Bandcamp
Soviet Jump Game OST Available on Bandcamp
PULSAR: Lost Colony OST Listen on Spotify
Film and Trailer Music
Our Lives Are Not Our Own
PULSAR: Lost Colony, Kickstarter Trailer View on YouTube
Crawl, Greenlight Trailer View on YouTube
Cogmind, Alpha Launch Trailer View on YouTube
Descent: Underground, Trailer Re-scoring (Demo) View on YouTube
Concert Band
In Time [score]
Cosmiclash [score]
Chamber/Solo Music
String Quartet [score] Listen on SoundCloud
Dark Dynamo (Brass Quintet)
Infusions (Piano)
Schizophony (Euphonium, Piano) View Score
Overworld Embrace
Machina Fatum
The Veldt (Deadmau5 cover) View on YouTube
Marching Band
Visit Custom Marching Productions