Alex Yoder

Chrysalis is an experimental game I'm currently working on in my spare time. Details are still being fleshed out. At base, it's a game with tower defense and RPG mechanics, very minimal 2D top-down graphics, and a "symbiosis" system whereby the player takes control of various creatures they find. The experimental aspect comes from the interaction between various generative systems - the world and all creatures are procedurally generated and simulated in real time. My goal is to see how meaningful I can make these interactions in terms of their gameplay impact, particularly in the case of the creatures.

Tiny Twitch

Tiny Twitch is a game whose source code fits in one Tweet (less than 140 characters). It was inspired by a challenge from Ben Porter, a game developer in Australia. Meant as a silly exercise in ultra-minimalism, it generated a bit of interest from the gaming media, resulting in articles on Engadget, BoingBoing, and Rock Paper Shotgun.

Doom Hex: Escape

This is an unfinished game I attempted to develop in under 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam. It's entirely HTML/Javascript and is not particularly deep, but I have a couple of friends who enjoy the mindless clickfest every once in a while, so I keep it online.

Fantasy Marching Arts

FMA is a browser based online "fantasy sim" for competitive marching arts. Sound weird? There are several competitive circuits, mostly in the United States, where marching bands, color guards, drumlines, and drum corps compete at a high level. I have been involved in this activity since high school, and during my undergraduate years in college I decided to learn web development by making a game based on my experiences. To my surprise, people enjoyed it and wanted me to add more features. What you see today is probably the 4th or 5th version of the game, although I have not worked on it in several years now. It mostly runs itself with ocassional hiccups, and I enjoy seeing the tiny community continue to flourish. Check out the Game Guide if you're interested in playing!